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Entreprise - Tetris

Chaux de Contern operates in the European concrete
sector, manufacturing prefabricated concrete products. Chaux de Contern has established a solid market position in its home market and developed through its subsidiary, an innovative technology (the "Tetris Technology") related to prefabricated concrete pipe.

The TetrisTechnology results from a continuous R&D focus and investments on developing innovative concrete products. It is centered around a new pipe product significantly improving concrete performance
and environmental burden and resulting from a specific production process.
According to market trends, this technology could significantly impact concrete business and pipe business in the future placing them as direct and cheaper competitors to plastic pipes.

The product benefits from a proven and secured unit
raw material cost. The additional cost for its manufacturing process are more than compensated by the savings made on raw material requirements compared to traditional concrete.

Chaux de Contern is looking for a potential partner or
acquirer willing to support and develop the Tetris Technology through a joint
venture or a full technology acquisition.

Tetris Technology

The Tetris Technology is at the forefront of
developing manufacturing processes without new contributions of expensive raw materials such as superplasticizers or silica fume. The improvements developed over 10 years provide better physical characteristics and hydraulic performance, allowing concrete Technology based solutions to enter the market segments traditionally reserved to other technologies such as PVC. This
technology will allow the prefabricated concrete products to have a new market positioning in the concrete market. The fact that thanks to a significantly higher tensile strength no steel reinforcement is needed.

The partner or acquirer would be a first mover and
high barriers to entry warrant sustainable growth. Indeed the potential market opportunity is protected by high barriers to entry linked to this technological breakthrough. Moreover 95% of the R&D process is finalized, the main outstanding points being determination of the financial optimum in term of raw
material mix and improvement and tailoring of the manufacturing flows in the plant.

Besides, Chaux de Contern benefits from a highly skilled Head of R&D with strong sector expertise and building physics
knowledge, who has challenged and tested this technology through a rigorous scientific method. The compilation of the theoretical and empirical knowledge base accumulated by the R&D team would take 10 years for any newcomer and is in the process of being protected by patents.

Finally, the Technology is a quasi "turn-key solution"
which represents a significant competitive advantage for the potential acquirer. 



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